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Thread: Vintage Splash Camo Minimag with remote setup

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    Vintage Splash Camo Minimag with remote setup

    MARKER HAS BEEN SOLD ... Thanks for the inquiries ...

    AGD Minimag, Left handed valve MM01591,hopper left body, Camo Splash
    Air America Whispering Death expansion chamber sn#:3994
    early Revy Hopper
    SP Barrel
    AO barrel condom
    Armson Barrel
    camo SP wood grips
    gas through stock
    vintage manual and video
    remote hose, old 20oz steel tank, pack for 6 tubes and tank
    (patches not included...)

    Parts Kit:

    3 misc. bolts /springs
    1 superbolt with 2 rubber bumpers (collector's item, but they were recalled so don't use in gun...)
    full sear and pin
    partial sear and pin
    hopper feeder plug
    plastic twist lock barrel nubbins x4
    steel twist lock barrel nubbins x4
    blue bumper
    misc. orings (twist lock barrels / air tanks)
    power tube spacer kit (5 out of 6 spacers)
    partial automag parts kit (misc O-rings, blue bumper, wire nubbin, velocity adjustment piece for back of valve)

    $300 obo shipped paypal

    Bought this gun back in 1994, was working fine when stored in 2007, probably needs some orings and preventive maint...

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    1) Must be your Mag and NOT for sale during the month of the contest.

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    That was February, this is March. Just pointing out.

    I guess then does it have to be listed for sale or what if it's sold or acquired behind the scenes in the same month.
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