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Thread: Feednecks, CCM vs A+ vs. maybe RPG

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    Feednecks, CCM vs A+ vs. maybe RPG

    So while I do like the concept of the empire adaptor, finding a slot for an as yet unconfirmed additional run, then buying both parts , then stripping and polishing the empire part (they seem to come matte, I want polished) then re anno...

    Well, too much for me. I'm looking for two compact feednecks, I'd love to hear comments on any camlocks people use

    Thanks in advance for any comments

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    I'm a fan of CCM feednecks, they are even better if you have a level-lock for them. Luckily I scored a few the last time they made them. I did buy a RPG Subzero for my next build. It will be my first time trying one out.

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    I have all of them and the RPG is the one I like the most. CCM is also great and AKA's is the lightest ever.

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    Can't go wrong with any of the above mentioned...I prefer RPG subzero's out of all also

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    I have all of them also, they all do what there meant to do, it all ends up to preference and style you like best.

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    I personally prefer AKA feednecks. CCM are nice, but not a fan of the lazering and I don't like cutting down the necks on my loaders to fit the No Pros. (Still using Halos and Revvys)

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    the Empire Feednecks are dust finish and not a matte finish. if it was matte, they would be better overall, but i totally understand not wanting to have it stripped, then polished then re-anno'd for your needs. that is a lot of work and money.

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