I'm kidding. I'd never duct tape any automag... I think.
Just received my Emag. Version 1.37
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I have 0 issues with mechanical mode, but e-mode does weird things. Fire, wont fire, fire, fire, wont fire. I haven't tried hybrid mode, just because recently it said Low batt But prior to that I noticed the trigger pull was 2-4 mm long. Felt weird? Tight? The trigger magnet on the back of the trigger appears to be dirty/rusted. And behind it where the HES is was dirty. <-- Ok, both are clean now. Moving on. The sear plunger moved well for the gravity test. And TBH, since it said low batt, I am going to stop there and wait for my charger tip to come in... full charge, and see if i have any of these e-mode issues. I read something about the plunger solenoid and how much power it draws/etc. Oh, and I destroyed my saftey by not paying attention. Through various threads I found in the past 10+ years, I have a sinking feeling that I am not the only one who has fubbed up there saftey (lost the ball bearing) Hell, I even smashed the safety through the spring beneath it... and that was NO fun trying to get out. $2 lesson learned.

Something else I learned. It appears that my X valve'd RT ULE doesn't RT as well as my Emag does in mech mode. Does/could this have anything to do with the on/off pin length? And is it safe to assume I could put my X valve w/ emag on/off pin/quad oring, in place of my emag valve and rt on/off pin oring combo.
Little things I have noticed about my emag...
Thanks alot guys,