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Thread: Ugly Emag with X-valve/Lvl X Bolt 4 sale ...

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    Cool Ugly Emag with X-valve/Lvl X Bolt 4 sale ...

    Marker has been sold ... Thanks for all the interest!

    At 53, I have decided it is time to get rid of all the paintball gear that has been sitting in the closet since the summer of 2007. I have an Ion, a vintage minimag, a 2005 Dynasty Shocker, an ugly Emag and a boatload of parts, barrels, hoppers, etc...

    Emag with X-valve/Lvl X Bolt

    Emag Lowers
    XMOD 1.8 firmware
    ULE'd (No Hump) TriggerFrame black
    Custom Clear Grips
    FireBlade Trigger raw
    PTP Battery Housing black / Yellow Pin & Retainer
    ULE'd Emag Body Rail raw with E-Mag Emblems
    Level X Bolt with spare parts and springs
    Chrome ULE body kit
    Chrome CP Barrel Cocker Threads .689
    Unknown Drop Forward / ASA
    Stainless Steel Hose with QuickDisconnect

    Battery Charger
    Wall Plugin for Battery Charger
    Car Plugin for Battery Charger
    Original Trigger (has been sanded a bit)
    Level 7 bolt/spring x2
    Velocity Adjustment Wrench

    Xmod Programming Board and USB Cable

    Unopened X-valve Parts Kit Barrel Condom

    more pictures available here:
    EMag Photos by robtest | Photobucket

    I built this emag and last played with it a couple times in 2007 and it has been in the closet ever since. It was in excellent working order at that time, but could probably use some orings and preventive maintenance, etc... The battery did charge to 19v and after 2 weeks is still 18.5v, so seems to be working fine.

    $550 paypal/shipped cont.US

    Other Options Available:
    Halo sanded to fit stock ULE body feedneck
    Freak Barrel Kit Cocker Threads Stainless Steel with misc. inserts or full insert set
    Stiffi Switch Kit cocker threads in black carbon fiber with 4 barrel sizers
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    I will take the gun if it comes with both battery housings shown in the pictures and the lowers are ULE lowers. They look like ULE lowers in the picture.

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    I believe it is a ule frame as there is no hump on the back. the raw polished battery housing and age lion patch shown in some of the pictures are not available...

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    Marker has been sold ... Thanks for all the interest!

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