It's been probably 5 years since I've actually played, and even more than that since I seriously had time to play paintball. So I'm looking to sell off my gear, but I've been away from it for so long - I barely even know what I have; never the less what it's worth.

Everything worked fine last time I used it approximately five years ago, it's been stored since then. Here's what I remember or have gathered from recent searches:

- X-Valve (level 10)
- Vert ULE Body
- Intelliframe
- Warp drive with rechargeable battery mod (trigger mod in IF)
- The RT rail was custom milled to some extent (purchased it here years ago)
- Loader that syncs to trigger
- Stealth barrel? Some other barrel and 2 classic AO barrels
- Java 3000 psi nitro tank, unsure of size (With armor shield, cover and associated thread/quick disconnect protectors)
- Pack carrier with tubes
- Lots of assorted other crap to include the classic body and trigger frame, bags, barrel bags, etc

I also have a PGP with a holster, tube belt, and stock.

I currently have an offer for the Automag gear for $400, is that reasonable?

Any further identification or help would be appreciated.

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