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Thread: Sticky Tunablade?

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    Sticky Tunablade?

    Just installed my tunablade, went slow and pressed the pin back, did not hammer. The trigger is sticking and does not move freely. I did air it up and it fires mech, charging the battery now to test in E.

    Any easy fixes?
    Not sure if the bearing needs to be replaced.

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    What do you mean by sticky? Does the trigger swing freely with very little resistance when the magnets above the trigger are removed? If there is mechanical resistance, then something is interfering with the movement. If your Tunablade has a roller bearing, tap the trigger axel pin on the opposite side of the trigger from the install side. It might free up the trigger if the bearing has gotten pushed against the side of the grip frame.
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    It does not swing freely, there is mechanical resistance, feels like its binding. I till try tapping to see if that helps.

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    Remove trigger from frame. Install trigger pin in the trigger outside the frame. See if it swings freely on the pin. If it does, then you have something not right with the frame. If it doesn't swing easily, then c9ntact Tuna about the trigger. The bearings might need to be replaced.

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