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Thread: old school aluminum single trigger frame?

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    old school aluminum single trigger frame?

    so i got a single trigger frame and a classic grip and it looks like they were powder coated(from factory?)...i got most of the stuff off but has anyone sent these parts in for ano? the aluminum doesn't look like it was made with higher grade aluminum like the recent frames that ive seen Luke and others make. Or will my only option for these be new powder coating at this point? thanks

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    its a pot metal quality, anodizes terribly, from what I have heard."You play stupid games, you get stupid prizes." RU

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    ^^ I've heard the same. Also had someone say they were magnesium..? I have also had an SP frame that looked identical and it was splash anodized.

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    Quote Originally Posted by knownothingmags View Post
    its a pot metal quality, anodizes terribly, from what I have heard.
    I regret selling you that gun.LOL

    There is an automag RT floating around somewhere that i did some insane work on. It was the 1st gun i made parts for in the early 2000's. I had a custom single trigger frame that was pretty much a copy of the carbon fiber AGD frame and used their nice moulded grips. The frame had an emag solenoid in it powered with a morlock board. The thing was such a sleeper.

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    The original Automag used a cast aluminum alloy frame. It wasn't an aluminum alloy that anodized well.
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