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Thread: classic valve power tube removal

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    classic valve power tube removal

    Is this possible? and whats a good method. I was considering enlarging the dump chamber and making some inserts but cant open up the dump chamber

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    You have to cut the weld that holds the power tube from unscrewing off the dump chamber. I used a lathe for the one I did, but there are several methods that will work.

    Follow this link: and scroll down to post #9 for pics of what you are wanting to do.

    I do have to ask... what are you trying to accomplish here?

    It has been shown that efficiency can be increased by de-volumizing the chamber. I don't think there is anything to accomplish by making the dump chamber bigger though. The old smart parts black box that increased dump chamber volume has been proven to be useless FWIW.

    I messed around with the efficiency inserts in one of my classic mags and found that it had a negative impact on consistency so I took it out and never looked back.

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    be way more carefull with an xvalve.
    pliers eat the crap outa aluminum.

    be more than extra careful.
    10$ pliars can mar the crap out of a 250$ valve.
    if you don't have that cash coming off a tree its a hard hit to the kidney.

    ask the pros.

    if you have the money to waste hack at it.
    but if not ask questions you don't have the answers too. make a list write it down.
    helps me
    I sell new 800 mah Emag batteries, pm for pricing.
    oh yeah and I 3D print stuf, CAD, Machine, all that crap.

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    I used a pipe cutter VERY CAREFULLY and didn't even hurt the o-ring inside.

    My sydarm weighs less than yours!!! KNM , Did you make an alum sydarm body and not tell me?
    I took the road least where the hell am I ?

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    Pipe cutters seem like the way to go, I think they will remove the least amount of material while still cutting the weld.

    I'm just toying around here, got a lathe and thought it would be fun to make some different types of inserts for the classic valve, maybe some diffuser types, just to see how things respond.

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    Inserts are pretty nice with CO2. The gains on HPA are more of a trade.

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