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Thread: DAM'd Hammer 7- Bring me a Phantom!

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    DAM'd Hammer 7- Bring me a Phantom!

    Today I am putting up my DAM'd Hammer 7. I had a lot of fun modding it and it turned out very nice, but I just don't see myself playing mag fed. I hate having to fill magazines between rounds

    Everything works perfectly with it. However it will need to be chrono'd, it seemed to be shooting hot when I was working on the shooting video.

    More pictures and info can be given upon request.

    DAM'd Hammer
    1-DAM mag
    quick change breech knob
    shortened pump handle
    stock barrel

    Comes with the parts kit, stock feedneck, metal clamping feedneck, velocity adjustment rod, manual, warranty card, barrel plug, and the original box.

    Condition 9/10 - There is a slight rub mark on the edge of rail on the left side, and a slight rub on the right channel of the body when the pump are mounts.

    Price: sold I would prefer to trade.

    Showing the gap between the sides of the magwell and the body.

    Build Thread:

    DAM'd Hammer 7 - YouTube

    Trades of interest:
    Phantom VSC prefer 10 round tube.
    Other pumps
    68/4500 HPA tank
    Surprise me!
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