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Thread: Classic mag 32 degree 45 frame issue

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    Classic mag 32 degree 45 frame issue

    Good morning!

    On a recent classic mag semi to pump conversion, I put a eBay purchased single finger 45 frame to put on it and when to arrived I found that it did not come with a trigger so I scrounged up a stock trigger and pin. Now it seems that the trigger does not pull far enough to hit the on/of and release the sear. So my questions are do I need a different trigger for the frame or do I need to modify the frame in some manner to allow it to work with the stock trigger? I think I have the rod adjusted correctly but not 100% sure (checking that now). I am confident that it is something related to the frame as I swapped it out with a working frame from another mag and it worked fine.
    Thanks in advance for your help!

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    have you tried filing the back of the trigger...since you say it doesnt feel like it has enough pre travel? that was a common issue with the dye/32* frames and the AGD triggers...but with a lil filing of the back part of the trigger those frames have worked great for me!

    here is a thread from AO that talked about that issue:

    pics of a filed AGD trigger that i used on a 32* 45 mag frame that i got from Ebay:

    do you have any pics of your trigger?

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    I just had the same problem with metal trigger I bought from Baccipaintball, it was too big all around. I had a stock plastic trigger that worked with no issue. I would check and see if the bottom edge of the trigger has enough clearance to clear the guard.

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    thank you both for your replies! my trigger does have that extra material on the edges so a little filing will be in my future! I will give it a shot and let you know how i make out!


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    A stock trigger should work in a 45 frame. With the safety installed turned to safe, and the gun aired up, hold the trigger against the safety. Adjust the trigger rod so that it almost touches the back of the trigger. That should allow enough movement to move the sear far enough to release it from the bolt and fire the gun.

    If the trigger rod is properly adjusted and the trigger hits something on the frame before it can move through the proper distance, then you need to modify either the frame or the trigger to allow the extra movement needed.
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    It took some doing but thanks to you all I was able to get it all together! I had to file the inside of the frame to prevent the hinge of the trigger rod from dragging on the inside of the frame and some trigger filing but its all good now!
    Thank you all for the help!

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