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    My Mags

    Gotta give thanks to AO members need4reebs and Stedspitcher for hooking me up with various parts and the stand in the pics and to FX Anodizing for doing the trigger, barrel tips, dropkick, feedneck ring, and rail on the purple mag.

    Time for some updated pics....

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    Mmmmm, delicious. I love that purple mag.

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    Very nice man! That "Purp" is smoking. lol

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    Just when I thought I had my collection paired down to 3 this had to come along with a sweet tonsixer ano job...

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    Pics updated.

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    They all look well done & clean
    Nice job on that purple/black RT

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    Updated the brown mag to show it's latest incarnation. Left the other pics to show the before and after. If I end up liking this setup I will probably send the frame and trigger out for some dust black ano.....

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    Added the workhorse

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    Nice collection man

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