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Thread: Mag Parts / Barrels / Hopper / Etc.

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    Mag Parts / Barrels / Hopper / Etc.

    For Sale:

    -Come as seen in pictures
    -Shipping/Handling not included

    $20 Each for the following Items:
    -Blue gas thru screw in Grip (SOLD!!!)
    -Ribbed black gas thru Grip
    -Smart Parts Progressive Barrel w/Stick squeegie (cocker threaded = SOLD!!!))
    -Dye Excel Barrel w/Smart Parts barrel sock (cocker threaded)
    -Extreme Rage Mask Visor FREE with purchase (just ask = GONE!!!)

    -Power Feed Left SS automag body w/Sight Rail & non adjustable Elbow = $25 (SOLD!!!)
    (body has word 'yoda' lightly engraved on it - shown on above pic)
    -AGD carbon fiber trigger frame w/rubber AGD grips = $20 (SOLD!!!)
    (field strip screw hole can accomodate RT banjo bolt. Currently has brass spacer in hole to work with regular field strip screw)
    -AGD frame with double trigger = $10
    -AND phase II regulator (gutted) = $5 with purchase

    -Viewloader Quantum Hopper = $20


    Trades Considered:
    Automag Parts: (Emag Battery Saver Plug, Emag LED window pane, retro/lvl 10 Bolt Bumpers (NEW), Classic Automag Regulator Piston Assembly, Classic Automag Regulator Valve Spring, Purple Splash Parts)
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    Pm about agd carbon frame and rubber grip

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    I'll take the blue grip. PM me at your convenience.
    Quote Originally Posted by Nobody View Post
    This is not me. I have nothing to do with this, but i aprove of it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigEvil View Post
    I'll take the blue grip. PM me at your convenience.
    NOOOOO I am too late. Been looking for one of these blue PMI gas through for a long time. Please put me 2nd in line if BigEvil doesn't get it.

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    If Lvmymag does not take the -AGD carbon fiber trigger frame w/rubber AGD grips I will take it. Shoot me paypal thx Joseph.

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