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    AO Jersey Proofs

    will be adding them as they come to me.

    would also like to give you all my deepest apologies will a small miscommunication on mine and Animal's fault. I had asked him about the animal and trevis logos being removable and he said that was no problem but he didnt tell me that it was at additional cost

    so the trevis and animal will stay but if you did not want them on there then they will not be on the FRONT of the jersey. SORRY!

    there are alot of orders and this has already taken too long so if you want something changed this is your ONLY chance. I will date the pictures as posted and you have 1 week to say what changes you want. if you do not see this thread in that time... it will be an automatic YES on your part.

    if your proofs are not posted, they are comming

    Proofs for 4/4/14

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