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Thread: Doc's Twistlock --> Cocker adapters

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    Doc's Twistlock --> Cocker adapters

    it was mentioned in another thread that doc would have some in stock, and here they are. there are also some listed on ebay for .50 more. get 'em if you need 'em!

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    the ones on ebay are going fast.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vintage View Post
    the ones on ebay are going fast.
    I snagged one the day he put them up (I had an email alert setup). It arrived today and I installed it without any issues. Now I'm itching to get it back on the field with my old OTP kit installed. It'll be really nice to be able to use any of my various Cocker barrels on this thing.

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    Thanks for posting this up! I've spent months hunting for one or a decently priced ule, glad I can retain my black teflon body and use a shaft4 barrel.

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    did anyone get an email with a tracking number or anything or did it just show up one day?

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    Just ordered one.

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    I didn't receive any shipping information, but it arrived within 4 days of ordering.

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