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Thread: Splashed Karta Mag thread 2.0

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    Splashed Karta Mag thread 2.0

    Welcome to my Karta mag Sale!!!
    Today for your viewing pleasure I have an exquisite piece of paintball history. produced by Deadly Wind,
    This is one of the very lightest and most beautiful automags to ever grace the sport.

    I'm the original owner of this gun, the body and rail were previously factory raw with sirial numbers 1010 and 1011, meaning first run #10 and #11

    The custom Ano was done by CAUSTIC CUSTOMS. (All pieces were reanoed to match.)

    1. Please no flaming
    2. Keep comments to a minimum( comments are welcome but this is not a discussion thread)
    3. Please post here before PMing me
    4. Please PM it will be the fastest way to contact me

    1. Deadlywind Karta body and rail ULE milled.
    2. Agd Intellaframe w. Blade trigger, (paint was removed from safety)
    3. LVL 10 Xvalve (previously used) comes w. Red and gold spring
    4. CP 16in 689. Barrel
    5. Eclipse POPS Asa
    6. Aluminum foregrip
    7. Dye Carbon Fiber grips

    Price: GUN IS GONE

    Grip screw has been replaced with appropriate screw sense pictures were taken.

    Thanks for looking

    Only trades let's see what you have
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    Price change for only users. I'm only looking to trade this gun, no longer interested in selling

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    gun is gone!!!!!

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