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Thread: can i buy a complete classic automag valve and rail?

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    can i buy a complete classic automag valve and rail?

    i had a classic automag (serial #4391) that i sold around '99 or 2000. i'm hoping to get it back as i've heard it is still around.

    i sold it with a power feed and 45 grip on it so i still have the classic feed body and grip frame. if i'm not able to get the gun back, i'm considering buying a complete valve assembly and a rail.

    i went through airgun designs website but i didn't see where i could purchase a complete classic valve and rail. is this something i could purchase new from airgun designs?

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    they have the rail on their website for $40, but i don't think you can buy a classic valve from them. you can certainly buy that stuff in the misc parts forum though.

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    In sure they have classic valves laying around because once upon a time they had the turn in your valve program to upgrade

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    Just look in the BST's fro one. I have several valves and rails if you need some. PM me if interested.

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    I might have confused when I said "classic" valve.

    Since posting this, I've seen some pics of valves with "classic" laser etched on them. My valve did not have classic on it. My valve wasn't the type of valve with the removable power tube.

    Help me understand what I'm looking's been awhile.

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    Visually speaking did it look like the valve with classic on it? May have had 68automag on it. Or minimag. Or micromag. If so they are all a classic valve. AGD just didn't label them classic until the early 2000s. If it was half AL and said automagRT. Or rt pro or emag or retro it is a basic RT valve.

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    I have a classic valve with an unused parts kit for $40 if you are interested in it. I have paypal. Hit me up soon and Ill keep it off ebay. I was going to start the bid at $40 so you can get first dibs if you want.... pm me if you are interested

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