Well I bought a unicorn and apparently they are expensive to feed

A quick note

I ship from canada (shipping not included in price)
I am always open to trades either in my favor or for stuff I actually need
On the fence make an offer ... worst I can say is no thanks
I will part but only if the price is right .... make me an offer I cant Refuse
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All payments in USD please

1. RT classic mag
This is a pretty nice little piece. It has really only been tested by me to make sure it works and nothing much more. Seems to work well and RT's like it should. Is really well balanced with the q loader setup. Dye 1 piece twistlock. Has brand new red grips and a CP asa. Has some slight wear in the finish on the right side.


250 without the q-loader
375 with qloader (accessories and 7 pods (untested))

2. Minimag
This thing is a bit of a frankengun but is cool all the same. minimag body, classic valve with ANS back, SP twistlock, regular rail, PTP benchmark (inside is a bit mangled due to a partial pneumag mod but looks fine with grips), CP mini drop. Seems to be shooting at a usable velocity but I haven't chronographed for an exact value.

95 as seen