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Thread: Autographed Tom Hamilton (Aerosmith) P-Bass

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    Autographed Tom Hamilton (Aerosmith) P-Bass

    Precision Bass autographed by Tom Hamilton in 2007 - some unique cosmetic upgrades including gothic pewter knobs and pickguard. Autograph is in excellent, clean condition. Also includes one of Toms personal Aerosmith picks. Perfect gift or collectors item for a big-time Aerosmith fan; a unique piece that you just won't find somewhere else.

    I'm going to say $2500 or best offer - the only one I've ever seen sold was "valued" at $5000 and sold for more (auction) and it was a cheesier model (not even one that Tom plays) so it's hard to find a frame of reference. He doesn't sign guitars generally so this was sort of an exception for me, on the grounds that it not be sold... unfortunately my situation has changed so I hope he will understand. Looking for the best reasonable offer, including shipping to anywhere in the US, thanks.

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