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Thread: Automag RT PRO and 2 Autocockers

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    Automag RT PRO and 2 Autocockers

    All of these are primarily for sale, but I would consider trades for very nice splash classic mags or Micromags


    First up, this silver to black fade Krusher Autococker. It is in virtually mint condition and shoots very nicely. Short and sweet trigger pull, perfectly timed. Has the stock Angel thread clamping feedneck and Krusher regulator. Not much else to say, this is an exceptional private label cocker.

    Price: $225 shipped


    Raw RF body halfblock cocker with chrome WGP everything else... except for the CP .689 barrel.
    This gun shoots awesome with no leaks and the chrome bits are in excellent condition. With a quick polish to the body of this gun it would be amazing.

    SOLD Price: $180 shipped SOLD


    Last, but certainly not least, this AGD RTP. This thing is a machine gun. It is the easiest Mag to RT that I have ever used. The ROF if unreal, and all that with a standard 800psi output tank. Slap an SHP on there and you'd have to supply clean pants for your opponents. It has been used and has dings here and there, but shoots great with no leaks. One thing is for sure, you are going to love this gun! Also includes the site rail that is unattached (see last picture).

    SOLD Price: $280 shipped SOLD

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