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Thread: Clearing up some space - Mag Parts - Mag For sale - Evil Omen

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    Clearing up some space - Mag Parts - Mag For sale - Evil Omen

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    3. I ship USPS Priority only and is included in the listed price unless noted. If you want something else, you are responsible for the cost.
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    So, I recently bought a couple things, so now I need to sell some items.

    Up for sale is a 68 power left feed automag. The marker airs up and shoots great. The automag has a sight rail, a Viewloader Foregrip, steelbraided hose, and a carbon fiber/composite trigger frame.


    Automag Parts

    The next items for sale are some automag parts.

    Up for sale is an Evil Omen 1.5 Body and trigger frame with 2.0 parts such as the LPC and the VASA with gauge. Marker comes with the Evil Driver Barrel. The working Evil Omen will come with the original box and charger and 2 o-ring rebuild kits from o-ringmonkey.

    The marker is completely functional and the recock screw is still there. Now for the pictures.

    Working Omen - 100$ shipped

    The parts omen up for sale will include an evil driver barrel and random parts for an evil detonator regulator. The frame for this marker is off an evil omen 2.0 and is completely working (sear tripper clicks when trigger is pulled).

    **What's incomplete about it?** The marker has a stripped recock screw and the sear plate broke (sear plate is included with screw in the bag). The marker is missing an ASA and macroline also.

    Parts omen - 40$ shipped

    **Shooting Video of the omen with re-balls (Revy and tank are not included)**

    All items are used and show some sort of wear. Items are sold AS IS since they are used.

    If you have any questions or need more pictures, feel free to message me.

    Thank-you for your time.
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    bump - parts omen pending.

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