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Thread: WTB: 4.5k flatline

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    WTB: 4.5k flatline

    Title says it all.

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    I have a 4500psi flatline for sale. Haven't used it in years. Tanks second hydro ran out in October. Tank was made 08-2002. Comes with a Dye rhino cover that has never been on the field. It currently doesn't have air in it and I don't have any way to fill it. It has a few scratches from the idiots who hydroed it last. Going to put it on Ebay Sunday. If you want to toss me an offer first I'm willing to listen. It has spent most of the last 10 years sitting in a closet.

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    I also have a 4.5k that I have been hanging onto. It's very clean, but empty. Born 08/02. I have no reason to believe that there is anything wrong with it. However, I do not know the reg seat status. I have not taken it apart, for obvious reasons. It came with an e-mag I purchased a few years ago and has never been rehydroed. Tank and reg are both in excellent shape. 100 + shipping?

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    I have a fresh hydrod 4500 flat line $125 shipped lmk

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    So did u find a flatline? Cause I have one with a NW quick connect system

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