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Thread: FST - Mag Parts - ULE Body, ORANGE ULE Rail, max flo tank, one off ptp trigger frame!

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    FST - Mag Parts - ULE Body, ORANGE ULE Rail, max flo tank, one off ptp trigger frame!

    Hello Everyone. I am selling a bunch of stuff. All prices are negotiable. Shipping is included for items over $20 to US (international buyers are welcome, but shipping will be negotiated). Please keep orders over $20. For orders < $20, shipping MAY be added - THE MORE YOU BUY THE MORE YOU SAVE!!!. I ship everything USPS priority 2-day with tracking. 98% of the time I can ship next day. Trades are welcome, so bring me some schtuff!!! I try to give as much info on the state of all items - if you have any questions or if you would like more pictures, please let me know and I will do what I can to accomodate. Please post and PM me with any cash or trade offers (I really really like to trade). Paypal only.
    Here we go!!

    Bodies (T2B):

    Black ULE body with 2nd Detent added by Luke - I am the second owner of this body, the previous owner (bought from the AGD store and then had Luke add the 2nd detent) never used it and I have just attached it to a rail once. It is in perfect brand-new condition. There is one teeny tiny mark on where I mounted a feedneck (once a feedneck is added you can't see anything). You can see in the last picture that if you add an extra o-ring to the detent that it covers up the small mark around the detent so that it looks like it was added and re-annoed. $135 (+$5 to add CP feedneck) SOLD

    RF Orange Powder Coated *SSC body - In good shape, there is a little wear around where the feedneck attaches to the body but nothing serious. $35

    LF Chrome SmartMag body - In very good shape $30

    Rails (T2B):

    Orange Powder coated ULE'd am/mm rail with vert adapter, twistlock pin and elbow - In great condition ule work was 100% pro - $45 (or $65 for body and rail combo)
    Black AM/MM rail - In good shape, a few marks here and there - $18

    Frames (L2R):

    One of a Kind PTP adjustible trigger frame - I have had the mag collecting sickness for about 6 years and I have never seen anything like this before. It is a PTP single trigger frame that had the guard cut off and was then re-annoed over it. It ALSO has a threaded hole below the trigger up into the frame so that a screw can be raised/lowered to change the angle of the sear. I assume it was done to perfectly sweet spot the trigger. It ALSO has a different trigger with a red trigger shoe on it (maybe modded cocker trigger?). Overall it is in good condition, there is some anno wear overall and there is a scratch on the back (see pic) I really don't want to get rid of this, but I would for $50

    PTP single finger trigger - $50 SOLD

    Valves (T2B):
    They are both stock minimag valves with matching #'s and lvl 7 bolts. The top one is a little more worn than the bottom one. The bottom one is really new and fresh and has all 4 stars. The top one has 0 stars. They both work great.

    Top - $25 - SOLD
    Bottom - $40 - SOLD

    MaxFlow with a 3k 68cu tank - This is a 3k max flo on a 68cu carbon fiber tank. They are both in immaculate condition. The tank was rehydroed less than a year ago, so you still have 4 years left on it!

    MaxFlo and Tank - $95
    Just MaxFlo - $50

    Gloss Black ACI Sub Zero expansion chamber - There is a wrench rash near the elbow and minor scuffs all over but in decent shape overall - $15
    Gloss Black AGD Bike Grip - great shape - $16
    Gloss Black Gadget Gas Thru - little marks here and there but good shape - $12
    Gloss Black CP LP Reg BNIB - I put this on a gun twice and aired it up a few times - $50 Keeping
    Gloss Black Gadget Grip Gas Thru - has elbow, barrel plug lower, and adjustible upp screw - $20

    Barrels (t2B)

    AC Threaded Gloss Black SP Progressive in great condition - $15
    Stainless TASO mag barrel - $16 SOLD
    Crownpoint and solid mag barrels - $7 each or $10 for both SOLD

    ASAs and Vert Adapters

    Gloss black empire drop great shape - $10
    Duckbill - $3
    cp asa - $2
    mag vert adapter (no elbow) - $8 SOLD
    mag vert adapter (with elbow) - $10 SOLD

    Other Schtuff:

    Gloss Black CP "stovepipe" angel threaded feedneck - $10 SOLD
    AM/MM sears and pins brand new - $12 each, $20 for both SOLD
    Grey Bye Sticky Grips - as close to brand new as you can get - $20
    Braided Line with heat wrap - $8 SOLD

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    it's like women buying shoes when they're on sale, even if they don't need new'd!

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    updated and prices dropped

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