I really don't want to do this, but I have been dealing with an ongoing family emergency and I need to sell this project before it is complete - I cannot even afford to finish it before selling it. I have been trying for years to replicate my old gun and just months after I got the right body, I have to give it up.

-Twister Body
-Twister Backblock
-Twister Frontblock
-Twister ASA

-Freak Back w/ Freak Tip
-Bob Long back w/ Tip (freak bored)

-Benchmark Beavertail 45 frame, T-slot milled
-Benchmark Beavertail 45 frame, Dovetail milled
-Benchmark Beavertail add-on
-Benchmark Trigger Shoe
-Shocktech Low Pressure Chamber (LPC)
-Shocktech Ram
-Shocktech Trigger Plate
-Belsales Supercharger Valve
-Belsales Rex Hammer
-Belsales Rex Dialer IVG
-Belsales Roller Sear
-CCM Deluxe S6-style Pump Kit
-CCM Valve Jam Nut
-CCM Cocking Rod
-CCM Modified Feedneck
-PPS MicroRock LP Regulator (LPR)
-KAPP 4-way Valve
-AcidCustom 45 Grips
-AcidCustom Beavertail
-AKALMP Sidewinder HP Regulator (HPR)
-Planet Eclipse HP Regulator (HPR)
-ANS Pneumatice Shroud
-Custom Products On/Off ASA

You will need:
(1) Pump Arm (for semi setup, pump kit arm included)
(2) Autococker Threaded Ball Detents

Basically the project is ready to be anodized and assembled, once you get the parts mentioned above. Some of the parts, like the frames, body, lpr, feedneck, have machined raw surfaces or raw tooling marks that will need to be anodized - frankly, the colors and textures are all different so everything should be polished or blasted and ano'ed to match anyway. The only slightly difficult part of assembling this gun will be pressing in the new CCM feedneck - I was going to do that after anodizing, for a contrasting color, but if you like I can press it in before shipping and you can get the body and feedneck ano'ed all at once to the same color. The AKALMP Sidewinder is the sought-after "old style", but it's brand new and was built just weeks ago from the last of the old stock parts.

Any questions please post and PM.

$1200 shipped/PayPaled (or best reasonable offer)