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3. I ship USPS Priority only and is included in the listed price unless noted. If you want something else, you are responsible for the cost.
4. Trade offers will be considered, but I will not be adding. Must be highly in my favor.
5. No international Shipping - Continental U.S. Only
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So, I recently bought a couple things, so now I need to sell some items.

Up for sale is a 68 power left feed automag. The marker airs up and shoots great. The automag has a sight rail, a Viewloader Foregrip, steelbraided hose, and a carbon fiber/composite trigger frame.

Price: 110$ shipped

All items are used and show some sort of wear. Items are sold AS IS since they are used.

If you have any questions or need more pictures, feel free to message me.

I don't have any feedback here on Automags.org - my pbnation handle is yoshiburgerz if you need to look me up there too.

Thank-you for your time.