Another marker that I really don't want to sell, but I've got an ongoing family issue that is forcing me to downsize.

Tribal Twister:
-Edwins Delrin Highflow Bolt
-AKALMP Sidewinder HPR
-SP Freak Barrel + AA front
-Milled for dual Autococker detents
-Milled for dovetail mount ASA

Ano is an amazing black and red sponge fade, with a very light silver sponge that gives the colors a sort of depth. Frame, body and trigger all match. Condition is very good for its age; has some wear from use but not much. Shoots great! Just needs a pair of Autococker detents and an ASA to be up and running again. This gun turns heads at the field, and the single trigger is very easy to get on. Includes spare ram, ram assembly, etc.

Post and PM if you have questions!

$225 Shipped/PayPal'ed or best offer