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Thread: leaking out of the side port on my retro valve

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    leaking out of the side port on my retro valve

    when I air up my valve it leaks out of the port on the side of my valve, I just did a rebuild, the only thing I didn't mess with was the valve pin assembly. could this be the issue if so what do I do to it?

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    you take the valve pin assembly out and change the two o-rings. look here for some tips.

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    The two orings on the end of the regulator pin assembly seal the front chamber from the air inlet while allowing the pin assembly to move back and forth in the valve. The reason there is two, is so that the unregulated inlet air can't bypass the first oring and get into the front chamber. It escapes out the side port instead. If a piece of dirt gets in or on one of the two orings, it can prevent the oring from sealing the air. The orings are separated by a plastic split ring. Try cleaning the orings and the passage they sit in first. Then if the orings need replacing, follow the link in the post above and you can easily replace them.
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