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Thread: minimag,automag not firing

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    minimag,automag not firing

    Ok I got a minimag close to a classic automag all stock. So my problem is when I air up the marker everything seems fine until I try to shoot, it does shoot maybe about three balls then it doesn't shoot anymore but it still aired up. Any ideas
    please and thank you pictures will post up soon

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    um...what does it chrono at? is the velocity turned up enough? is your tank screwed into the asa all the way? you're not using a remote line are you? check that the sear trigger rod is properly adjusted...aired up, there should be a small gap between the rod and the trigger. also, try a new bolt spring.

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    It does seem like its running out of air. When you fire it, does each of the fired ball have the same velocity, or does the velocity drop for each successive shot? What type of air system are you using? After the gun stops firing, is there still pressure on the trigger, or is it limp?

    Sometimes, the ASA pin will depress the bottle regulator pin too far and choke off the air supply. There will be enough air in the supply lines to get a couple of shots off, but that is all. If this is the case, you can put an oring in the ASA to keep the bottle from screwing in as far.
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