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    My family

    I started this journey with a SL68 back in the early 90's. Then came the cockers. Then came the mags. Went all electronic for a while and decided to simplify life. So here's the family... (edited to reflect new configs)

    My "x-ta-z" mag...

    My former baby...

    The new primary...

    The loaner...

    The z-mag is primarily for big games and scenarios. It has an X-valve, chopped classic RF body, Z frame w/ Luke's panels, Lapco T-stock, PTP foregrip on Luke's extension (milled a bit to fit the z-frame), scenario sling point, and Doc's cocker adapter to run the Edge barrel kit.

    This cocker has been my baby for a long time. However, she's on her way out.
    My new CCM'd RF half-block is getting powder coated and she's going to be the new primary.

    The minimag is my loaner. She's run with a PMI ceramic barrel. (Thanks, Cyco-Dude.)
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