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Thread: So it Begins..

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    So it Begins..

    So I've been building and collecting passively for a number of years. Few cocker projects here and there and a number of electros.
    Got a mag in a deal a while back with the intention of making it a project but ended up selling it for something that made more sense at the time.

    But my life was changed.. It called to me.. haunted my dreams..

    Nothing felt right afterwards.. these fancy milled aluminum super guns felt light and cheap..

    I found myself late at night searching the local BST for a glimpse of a rail or a sear..

    Empty and hollow.. I felt like one half of a whole.

    And then it happened. A "Magic Box" mag popped up. And that was it.
    Now I realize my problem is not as advanced as some (or even most) people's here. I've done my best to curb it but anytime a mag or mag related piece pops up I end up picking it up. I've finally come to the point where I think I can roll out some solid projects. This is the result of about 2 years of passive gathering and collecting (I'm from Canada so mags can be pretty rare to come by).

    The Raw Materials:
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    Y frame magic box classic with some extra internal valve milling from smart parts (makes it shoot a thousand times as least.. and flatter and farther). Possible pneumag?
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    Waiting on LVL10 and will be paired with the warp feed
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    The "Sean Connery"?
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    Still playing around with potential combinations.
    Advice? Survivor stories? Words of encouragement?

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    In short....

    You're screwed.
    Xmag, IT Emag
    And a few other Emags.

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