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Thread: SFL automags w/ stock parts + extras

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    SFL automags w/ stock parts + extras

    anyone with sfl automags that meet any of the heading criteria, bring them.
    we can talk numbers.

    show me what you have.
    if you dont want to post it in the thread, throw up "pm'd" here and send it to me as a PM
    **if you need to be discreet just shoot me a pm

    only post if you have a SFL(s) that you would like to sell.

    I sell new 800 mah Emag batteries, in dealers section, or pm for pricing. batteries ready to ship

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    Get a hold of Freedom, probably best to PM him on MCB. He has silver one he was thinking of selling.

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    motodrom16 was trying to sell a really nice dust blue sfl a while back. I sold it to him a few years ago and to my knowledge it is the only one with an original box to go with it. Good luck on your journey

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