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Thread: WTB 2 detents

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    WTB 2 detents

    I'm trying to find a set of detents to put into my ripper mag, I'd like to test it out before I send it off for anno/powdercoat. I'm sure there's a few dealers on here that sell them new I'm just not sure who they are. My only request is I'd like to get them before this weekend coming up so I can test it out that weekend and get the ball rolling towards finishing the gun, want to make sure the frame I put on it is reliable enough before getting it annoed.

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    FYI Tuna sells them.

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    Thanks, I'll pm him. Just looked on his site a bit ago and saw he only had them in packs of 10....price is good but still way more than I need lol.

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    I have 3 for sale. PMing.

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