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Thread: Mech RF Cocker FST - OBO - A few aftermarket goodies! I want to get rid of this gun!!

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    Mech RF Cocker FST - OBO - A few aftermarket goodies! I want to get rid of this gun!!

    Picked this up at the field recently by someone who got it in a mass trade and only uses electros. I don't know all that much about cockers, so I will probably need a little help, and please don't crucify me (get the Easter reference?) if I get things wrong here and there - although please post if I am missing anything or have something wrong.

    OK, so to my knowledge this is a stock Right Feed WGP cocker body with the stock shroud, barrel and pneus. There is an ANS quick release bolt, SP reg, SP progressive barrel, and I am not sure about the aftermarket frame (Hinge maybe?).

    The good:
    The gun airs up, cycles and is tuned
    Aftermarket bolt, barrel and frame - I am not sure about the internals because I will not take apart a cocker that is tuned (I know better)

    The not-so-good:
    Shroud has a small crack on the top
    There is a leak in the reg (the gun still cycles and shoots)

    Like I said before, I don't know that much about cockers. Let's start at $105 shipped (I ship USPS Priority 2-day). Please feel free to make offers, I would like to sell or trade this gun sooner than later. I would also love to make a trade. I prefer mag parts/guns, but I will look at anything.

    Thank you, and please let me know if you have any questions or would like to see more pics.

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