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Thread: WTB: Venturi barrel. I have pics

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    WTB: Venturi barrel. I have pics

    I'm looking for a short venturi barrel. They came in several lenghts, 8, 10, and maybe 12.

    I'd like an 8", I'll take a 10". I need a twist lock.

    here is what one looks like. It's the bottom of the three barrels.
    Thanks guys.

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    hmm...i've seen a couple of those around. dig through the misc parts forum here (search for "barrel") or at mcarterbrown (you'll have to suck it up and just search for "automag").

    dig deep, they're out there...

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    Right on man. I see them for sale occasionly.
    I have a 12" venturi right now, I'd just love to get that 8 inch barrel. It would make for a real tight rig

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    threaded or twist lock?

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    we have #28 at our pb shop by me, its got a purple sponging ano on it though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vintage View Post
    threaded or twist lock?
    Twist lock, sorry!

    Quote Originally Posted by knownothingmags View Post
    we have #28 at our pb shop by me, its got a purple sponging ano on it though.
    Whats the length?

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