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Thread: plastic weld?

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    plastic weld?

    so wondering what is the process of plastic welding, i have heard of it on bike parts, wondering if i can get a old speed collar to mount on a rotor without jb weld lol?

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    i've never heard of any sort of plastic welding on bike parts, at least not high-end parts. i've heard of welded seams on bike shorts though lol.

    speed a quick-release seatpost clamp or something? why would you want it on your rotor? i've seen people replace their non quick-release clamp on their feedneck with a qr clamp they found at a bike shop. is that what you're trying to do?

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    ive seen stuff that is solic welded, take two cups set them inside each other, put them on the machine, a top part comes down, looks like they are vising them in and them beeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrpppp, the machine makes and awesome sound and bam welded.

    the sonic vibrations makes them vibrate at a molecule level and essentially heat them up in a slip split second and they get welded.

    not sure if this would work on nylon though."You play stupid games, you get stupid prizes." RU

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    Plastic welding is very similar to welding metal.

    It uses a special gun that heats up the 2 parts and feeds in a plastic filler rod.
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