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Thread: ULE trigger pull kit ReTro Valve

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    ULE trigger pull kit ReTro Valve


    I have a ReTro Valve, not an RT valve it says ReTro Valve on the valve system (just want to clarify because arent they the same thing?). Will a ULE trigger pull kit fit into the valve? I was reading that it might need to be custom milled to fit? Any help will do. Also, what type of hex wrench keys fight the automag? I have not shot this gun in probably 8 years but Im sure it still works. Its just been sitting in my closet and now i have the $$$ to custom it.

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    If your on-off top area has a recess and uses only one oring above the on-off top, then you need to have the on-off area custom milled to accept the ULT. If it uses two orings, one inside the other, then the ULT will be a drop in replacement.
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