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Thread: My Son's Azodin - Most Pimp Kaos?

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    My Son's Azodin - Most Pimp Kaos?

    My son is 10 and has just gotten into the wonderful world of paintball. He didn't like my mags or autocockers, so I took him out to our local field and let him play with a bunch of different style markers. The spyders were his favorite (but we're definitely not going there) so now he has his own Azodin Kaos, built up nice and tight just for him out of spare parts.

    ups include:
    stealth barrel
    AA vigilante reg
    ANS drop with drop kick and on/off
    CCM feedneck
    a felt pad as a travel stop for the trigger (I'll be working on this more when I have the time. He said he didn't want the single trigger.)

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    electro or mech?

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    definitely mech.
    I started out pump and that's basically where I've ended up. With him just starting out, I didn't want him to get slaughtered by the kids slinging more paint than they have sense, so we decided for him to go mech instead of pump. It was a good decision.
    If he wants an electro, he'll have to find a way to pay for it. Dad's just not into that.

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    How do you unscrew the tank? It looks like the fill nipple hits the drop forward.

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    get the ZERO system, and these guns are money.

    i use my zero'd azodin as my primary semi automatic these days.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cockerpunk View Post
    get the ZERO system, and these guns are money.
    While I like the idea of the ZERO, I don't like the finicky-ness that many users report with it and again, I didn't pay out of pocket for any of these parts. I think we'll stick with that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dayspring View Post
    How do you unscrew the tank? It looks like the fill nipple hits the drop forward.
    If you need to take the tank off, you slide the on/off back until it will turn. However, the fill nipple is fully accessible and so it is rare that you would need to take it off. We just take the barrel off and store it as is.

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