Marker: PTP Micro Emag 2000 Stock. Software 1.37. Battery purchased in 2009. I just recently swapped out the trigger as well as replacing selector switch. I didn't have any issues before the trigger swap. I just let the battery charge overnight and started tinkering again with it today. I'm not sure of the battery's current output but I would charge it every couple of months. I'm not getting low battery indicator.

Issue: Marker will fire in mech mode as well as in hybrid mode. When I select E mode the marker will not fire nor will the trigger move as if there was a safety on, which it is obviously not. The sear moves freely when valve is not in marker. I removed the selector switch again to see if I had put it back incorrectly but no luck. I haven't messed with trigger magnet yet, I did however put an allen wrench behind trigger and it still would not work. Is there a way to tell if either top magnet or trigger magnet is in backwards?

When in hybrid mode I did try to mess with settings, 1 3 6 round burst and those would reset after pulling the trigger, that might be normal for hybrid though. I haven't messed with the solenoid, I'm afraid I might do more damage than good. The readout on the board is clear, not scrambled like the magnet was too close, I had that issue when I originally installed the Tunablade which is what I just removed. Suggestions? I would like to get this up and running to get it sold. Thanks in advance.