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    rt classic

    is it possible to detune one? I have one I bought off of MCB and the only scratch on it was on the barrel from the front of the body, anyway with a 1200 psi bottle it is impossible to keep this thing from going ballistic. I am planning on taking it to legends but is runs so fast I don't want to get into trouble with it shooting too fast. I really don't want to have to use an 850 bottle on it as I want to be able to hose if I need to just not all the time.

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    The more pressure, the more RT
    So you will need to go with an 850 reg. I took my RT out last weekend and even though the gauge on the 3k flatline is broken, at over 1200 it would RT too fast for paint to feed (revvi, no force fed) so I dropped it back to 1k and it was a bit better. If I had gone lower it would have been harder to RT and the reaction would have been lower still.

    Long story short, switch tank regs or get an adjustable.

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    I have an 1100ish i'll have to have filled and see if there is any noticeable difference. the 1200 is fixed, my other rt classics don't seem to be as reactive as this one.

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    The pin might be short or it's just well worn in.

    One thing you might try if you have a screw knob on your ASA is backing it out until it starves the valve. I thought of this after I turned my HP bottle down (unshimmed) and my mag that really likes to RT doesn't have a knob on the ASA.

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