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    Saturday Schedule

    Living Legends 7 Main Schedule:

    6:00am: All services open. (Registration, air, paint, chrono)
    10:00am: Opening ceremonies and mandatory player orientation at the Main Stage with free prizes!
    Noon: Living Legends Game on at noon SHARP (Be at your base!!!)
    6:00pm: Registration Closes.
    6:45pm: Stand down and prepare for the Living Legends Dinner Battle!
    7:00pm: MANDATORY Pre-Battle Briefing at Main Stage.
    7:30pm: Living Legends Dinner Battle begins.
    8:00pm: Living Legends play ends.
    8:30pm: Free Open Play on Armageddon. Bedlam will be closed for cleaning to keep it safe for players on Sunday. *
    9:00pm: Living Legends Bikini Contest sponsored by HK Army.

    * Anyone consuming alcoholic beverages must wait at least six hours after their last beverage before entering the field. Underage drinkers, and those who provide it for them, will be ejected from the event and turned over to local law enforcement on-site.


    Living Legends 7 Skirmish Schedule:

    Years prior, skirmishes happened on the main field of play. For this year, we have moved these skirmishes off of the main field of play. By doing this, it will allow the event to handle more players as the event grows each year. Please make sure to read the entire rules for the event. This will ensure that you will have more fun instead of getting angry because something happened and you did not know the rules. RULES DOWNLOAD

    Skirmish: Your commander will have a schedule that will list specific times that members of one Horde unit and one New Empire unit will face off in a forty-minute “Skirmish.” There will be ONE reinsertion after 20 minutes. Any player ready to reinsert will be sent onto the field at that time. After that there will be no further reinsertions. Only members of the requisite units will be allowed onto the “Skirmish Field” in “Wastelands.” No medics, rockets, engineers, etc. Paintballs and paint grenades only. The Skirmish will be scored much like the Final Battle, but with only three Viper “slapsticks.” Each slapstick is worth 4 points at each scoring interval. Scoring will be every ten minutes. The side who scores the most total points will also receive an extra supply bundle. These supplies are VERY important as they allow your medics to heal players, your demolitions experts to blow things up and score mission points, and your engineers to repair damaged armored vehicles.

    12:00 – New Empire Pegasus vs Horde Gaul
    13:00 – New Empire Chiron vs Horde Visigoths
    14:00 – New Empire Praetorian vs Horde Barbarians
    15:00 – New Empire Centaur vs Horde Vandals
    16:00 – New Empire Minotaur vs Horde Huns
    17:00 – New Empire Pegasus vs Horde Visigoths
    18:00 – New Empire Centaur vs Horde Gaul

    Where are we partying ??
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