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Thread: My (very) Old Mag, And Hello

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    My (very) Old Mag, And Hello


    Here is my Mag, looking at getting it going again after not being used for 20 plus years.

    Any advice, tips, upgrades very welcome.

    Idea so far is just to replace all o-rings and seals.

    Can take better pics if people want?


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    After a rebuild I might start looking at ways to shed some weight. You could do away with the S/S lines and quick disconnects and op for Macro line instead. Then I would have the rail ule milled and maybe change out the trigger frame for an Intelliframe or something...but that's just me.

    Or on second thought if your like me you should put Pandora back in her box before you catch the bug again and start spending all your cash on upgrades and dare I say MOAR MAGS.

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    I don't notice the weight (I also have an autococker so the Mag is light for me)

    Am just looking at a level 10 (if it can be done on my old mag) and other than all new seals, and probably move over to air with it.



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    It can use lvl-10 but you might need new regulator piston to get it working. Ps, you can get lvl-10 from Germany and avoid customs fees and import taxes... though I see they have raised the price on that.

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