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Thread: Gen AGD Spares Kit, Barrels, Grips - UK Member

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    Gen AGD Spares Kit, Barrels, Grips - UK Member

    After a AGD spares kit (o-rings etc)

    What barrels you got?

    Wood and Rubber grips.

    However, I am in England (UK) so if you are and have spares, lets talk!

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    more details please.

    regular or rt kit?

    twistlock or threaded?

    cf frame or other?

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    Regular, twistlock, standard frame from 1991!

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    one screw holding the grip on?

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    i have 4 of the one piece rubber grips for the carbon fiber frame, five barrels i don't use but no spare rebuild kits. Splatplayer had a bunch of new J&J 2 piece barrels he was selling a while back and i'm sure he still has some. i have no problem shipping to the UK, your the one paying for it. if you want to buy some things and send them to me i can make up a package and ship it to you.

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    I'm in France, and didn't found part kits in europe so, I take them at AGD or Tuna.

    The Vintage's offer to have parts sent to him, could be the way for you to get your parts and save money on shipping.
    I did it a few times (mainly for parts from AGD) with some guys here on AO and it always went perfect !

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