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    I bet you thought this was going to be a pump z-grip. You're wrong. Embarking upon a new project that actually seems to be coming together faster than I thought it would (I better knock on wood). I was about to rid myself of the z body because I will admit it has some feeding problems when you shoot at high ROF... The backspin consistency is much better if you use smaller bore paint, but the cavernous breech has trouble preventing double feeds if you're running hard.

    Then I thought of a solution. Why not grab a pump kit from Rainman (excellent and speedy service, btw), and turn it into the first of it's kind (at least as far as I can find)... The Z-body, Z-barrel pump.

    There's still some work to do (sending rail and body to luke this week for ULE/pump on the rail and pump on the body) before it's functional. I'm also toying with the idea of getting it powder coated a uniform color, since right now it's a mix of gloss and matte black.

    In any case, it looks put together enough to post a first project picture to keep you all duly informed. See below:

    Name:  PumpZ.jpg
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    wow this looks pretty cool! nice take on the Z body! can't wait to see it annoed.

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    Everybody else in the family was a little bit jealous, since they're all in working order (except the top one is waiting on some AGD repairs to its usual valve).

    Yes, I know it's all quite old fashioned. I like it that way.

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    Clockwise from top:
    woodsball special: RF original body with Q loader, pneu'ed intelli, AM classic valve usually with level 10, diamond labs gas through stock, 16" boomstick
    the original: my first automag, painted (I was 14) powerfeed body, pneu-ready intelli, ACI sub zero expansion chamber (like I said, I was 14), 14" boomstick
    sydarm: standard sydarm (still needs to be unloaded from the weekend), everything original
    the sidekick: PMI trracer with taso barrel
    as close as i get to speedball: black teflon powerfeed body, unmilled y grip, super drop forward, random foregrip, 12" boomstick

    Nothing anywhere MoTM material, but it's a happy family awaiting the addition of the pump z.
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    put the small, angled drop off your original mag onto your y-frame mag and that y-frame could be MOTM worthy.

    That's a good, healthy family.

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    That's a nice collection Zulu, I can't believe you even considered selling the Z.

    Nice collection!

    I still can't find your lapco barrel you were selling, so I'm planning to get the stainless steel freak insert cause it goes as large as .697.

    When I get some time I'm going to add a QLoader to my Z as well. I add a picture once I have it built.

    Right now I'm looking around for local o-ring shops to rebuild my valve cause all the o-rings are gone.

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    You're right waynedotto. Actually part of the reason I was looking to sell it was because I was getting frustrated with double and triple feeds. Even with a Kila magnetic detent, I was still getting these problems with the small bore paint that is supposedly so good with the z body set up.

    Hence I'm turning her to a pump and will focus on trying to work out a premium mid bore paint that works well with the backspin and doesn't double feed. I would be really curious how your experience with a qloaded z body goes.

    And for anyone who really cares, here she is ready to go this evening:

    Name:  photo1.jpg
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    It looks quite similar to the previous picture, only now it actually works instead of just being pieced together for testing. Also thanks to laku and athomas for helping to solve a powertube issue.
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