I bet you thought this was going to be a pump z-grip. You're wrong. Embarking upon a new project that actually seems to be coming together faster than I thought it would (I better knock on wood). I was about to rid myself of the z body because I will admit it has some feeding problems when you shoot at high ROF... The backspin consistency is much better if you use smaller bore paint, but the cavernous breech has trouble preventing double feeds if you're running hard.

Then I thought of a solution. Why not grab a pump kit from Rainman (excellent and speedy service, btw), and turn it into the first of it's kind (at least as far as I can find)... The Z-body, Z-barrel pump.

There's still some work to do (sending rail and body to luke this week for ULE/pump on the rail and pump on the body) before it's functional. I'm also toying with the idea of getting it powder coated a uniform color, since right now it's a mix of gloss and matte black.

In any case, it looks put together enough to post a first project picture to keep you all duly informed. See below:

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