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Thread: 2009 Electra - Tippmann 98 Custom - Spyder Electra ACS - Spyder 68 cal. + Extra's!

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    2009 Electra - Tippmann 98 Custom - Spyder Electra ACS - Spyder 68 cal. + Extra's!

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    Trades - Autococker parts, MQ2 or MQ autococker but really want a MQ pump. Offer up anything!!!

    2009 Spyder Electra w/ Tadao Board in the grip. Excellent condition with no leaks. It airs up fine and the solenoid clicks. Need to buy a spyder 9.6v rechargeable battery for it to fire. Comes with original box, stock board and barrel, the barrel condom is missing.

    Spyder Electra ACS Blue/Black w/ Rocking Trigger and Stiffi aftermarket barrel. It is in good cosmetic condition, some minor scuffs and scratches, but no major damage that I noticed. Turns on and clicks and releases the bolt, shoots good but needs a Spyder 9.6v rechargeable battery in order to fire.

    Old School Black Spyder 68 cal. w/ hinged single trigger, 16" smart parts 2 pieced all American barrel, massive low pressure chamber, either magnaport or 32 degrees turbo valve (can't remember which but it has low pressure valve), high flow bolt, smoke elbow, and m16 bottom line adapter.

    Tippmann 98 Custom with a very low serial # 000018 that shoots great with no leaks, comes with custom drop forward, stock barrel and hopper.
    Price - $55.00 Shipped

    Viewloader EVLution II Battery Powered Hopper that works turns on and off with no problems - SOLD

    BT 6 + 1 harness - SOLD
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    Tippmann 98 custom only thing left.

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