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Thread: Dw xmag

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    Quote Originally Posted by Justus View Post
    Looks like a Micro E-Mag to me.
    price idk i would rather have a karta or something.... really not impressed on.... how much valve u can c

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    they should offer a specially engraved xvalve, and custom ano"You play stupid games, you get stupid prizes." RU

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    I wonder if there is any more info about this? I also wonder how many they were planning on creating? This plus the boston twister planning in coming out it could be an good year.

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    Any chance of this happening?

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    limited and a lot of $

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bunny View Post
    Just playing around in photoshop...

    Better or Worse?
    Do like!

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    I'd be on that like a fat kid on cake.

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