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Thread: Dye Frame, is this any good?

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    Dye Frame, is this any good?

    Thinking about it, were these frames good?

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    people have complained about clearance issues from those frames, although i've got one and it seems to work ok. if you want it, snipe it, but consider this intelliframe from agdretro.

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    I have no problem with mine. It's on my pump mag and like it a lot. I put a trimed RPG trigger on it and love the feel.

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    With the way things have been going on ebay lately I would think that the frame is going to go for around $60-$70, which in my opinion will be too much. If you could get it for under $50 it might be a good deal but considering you can sometimes pick up a used intelli between $50-$70, I would hold out for an intelli.

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    And under $50 is my plan. I am the current high bidder on this item.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ElecTROkiLLer View Post
    And under $50 is my plan. I am the current high bidder on this item.
    good, now that i know that ill just wait 3 days to outbid you
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