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Thread: 84 mpg ?

Hybrid View

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    Wink 84 mpg ?

    $6800 ?

    84MPG ?

    I think I'm going to test drive one.....

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    looks fun, id try one out. its cheaper then what i am paying for my car now

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    Kinda curious how it would handle winter conditions. Could be interesting.

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    I debated on getting in on the early signup for one of them a year ago. Neat little concept. More or less a fully enclosed Trex with less power and more MPG.

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    They've tested it in the winter and with winter tires it's supposed to be pretty decent. It's also pretty roomy. If they actually ever produce this thing i'll definitely snatch one up.

    Though there are like two states you'll need a helmet to drive it though, since it's technically a motorcycle.

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    My bet is they regulate it into oblivion. Don't mess with big oil.
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