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Thread: potato cannon build

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    potato cannon build

    surely someone has built one b4 lol? looking for some back yard fun i want to build something to launch tennis balls for my dog since i cant trow far lol and a potato cannon to destroy objects in my yard.... im getting bored over here lol any advice and input builds and materials would be great on personal experience...ty

    mods remove if this isnt appropriate i dont c y not just lmk if it is pls

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    oooo... I'll have to draw you up what I built, hehehehe

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    Check out yellowmitten's threat in paintball talk about him not being a fan of nerf launchers...

    That thing is one mean tennis ball launcher. Another website related to the project said its usual range was 90 yards, even though it only fires at 220 fps. Nothing like a tennis ball ripping at you at 150 miles per hour...

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    Gawd, this reminds me of Butters mach one spud gun.
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