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Thread: 2 Projects for sale - 2k9MicroE Stormwalk & SC Sniper

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    2 Projects for sale - 2k9MicroE Stormwalk & SC Sniper

    So I sold off everything, but a few essential markers and a few incomplete projects I couldn't bear to part with at the time when I got out of college a several years back and have been out of the sport since. Starting to get back to the sport now, a few years latter but I'm doing so as a married man trying for a kid. I can't justify sinking more money into either of these projects as much as I loved. Unfortunately they need to go. I would rather not part either just because I don't have the time to find good homes for everything listed. I'm honestly not sure where the pricing on some of these should be now a days so everything is OBO.

    First up is my micromag project: SOLD TO WetWrks

    It's a gloss black 2k9 MicroE-Mag. Nearly perfect shape, but it does have the velocity issues, I could never get it to chrono above the low 200's. Luke believes he can fix this with some internal work (he quoted me $40). Otherwise the only blemish is a tiny anno ding right below the drivers side detent (visible in the photo). The Stormwalk is brand new. It's never seen the field. Some of the front threads need to be cleaned up as is common with raw frames & it obviously needs anno. The only cosmetic issue with the frame is some cracking starting to happen on the top back passenger side grip panel (also visible in the photo).

    I'm including everything pictured, so the Sub-Zero feedneck, warp feedneck, Shocktech Detent, and the CP ASA.

    I would ideally like to get $400, but I'm open to best offer.SOLD TO WetWrks

    Second is my Stock Class Sniper.

    It's a 2k spec Autococker body that I had modified by punisher customs years back while he was doing work on another marker for me. I had him add a stainless insert for the rear frame screw and pulled the right feed off and replaced it with a phantom SC feed block. All you need to do is add your pump kit & trigger frame of choice. I pulled the internals out for the photos, they'll obviously be reinstalled for shipping but they're ideally setup for running stock class. A pre-99 spec valve, delrin devolumizer, heavy springs & hammer. It also includes a CCI 12g bucket changer with a chainmail sleeve and a maxflow w/rail on a 13/3000 tank (the tank has some anno dings because I forgot to put it back in it's neoprene protector before I put it in storage).

    The intent was to leave the tank on there was a stock and switch between the bucket changer & foregrip depending on if you wanted SC or Modified SC. The Foregrip pictured is a frankensteined de-gassing foregrip I made for use with the maxflo. I'll toss it in if the buyer wants it (though it's a bit more beat up then the rest of the sniper). Overall the body is in good shape but it's not pristine as it has seen some field time. There are some scratches on the top near the hammer lug access, some anno wear in the pump arm recess, and a few minor dings around the body.

    Again I would ideally like to get $200, but I'm open to best offer.
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    Micromag project...pending to me.
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