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Thread: Classic RT ULE body run #2

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    From what I remember its not possible to just cut the body. You need one of my rtx bodies with the special offset rail/frame spacer.

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    If you can ship to the UK i'll take one paypal ready and waiting thanks.

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    X valve feild screw does not go through the body, the valve holds the backside of the ss or ule in place, where as the banjo bolt of a RT goes through the body into the valve and holds the bakside of the body in place along with the valve. you will also notice that the x is 1 1/8 dia. and fits flush with the outside dia . of the body, whereas the rt classic is 1" od and goes inside the body, This is why theres almost no interchangeable parts between the two.
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    Yes...the banjo bolt, valve diameter difference and difference in sear and mounting boss locations. Its a different animal.

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    Yes Yes Yes! This thread was just brought to my attention, I am in DIRE need of a classic RT body!
    Glad to be back

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    Still waiting

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    It seem we are now many people waiting for this 2nd of Classic RT ULE Bodies !!!!

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